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Ceramic Coating is the purest form of surface protection you can apply to your vehicle.

Coatings form chemical bonds to the applied substrate, which become both chemically and wear resistant. These chemical bonds are hard to break once cured and give outstanding performance characteristics. The liquid ceramic coating will provide years of protection against all types of environmental attacks.

The ceramic resin acts like an additional layer of clear coat which gives increased depth of gloss and enhanced color. Ceramic coating creates an almost non-stick layer which reduces the adhesion of dirt, grime and bugs. The cured ceramic coating is extremely hydrophobic, chemical and scratch resistant.

Detail Services

Exterior / Interior

Look no further for the best in auto detailing.  VanCour’s excells in auto detailing.  Ask us about our exterior and interior combo packages on your next visit.

Did you know?

We offer Paint Protection Film

At VanCour’s we also offer Paint Protection Film (PPF). We use STek Paint Protection Film for designs to last. The film is scientifically formulated to keep your vehicle beautiful for years to come, also including a limited-warranty. 

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