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Look no further for the very best in exterior details offered here at VanCours. Providing superb detailed cleaning of all exterior components, features and surfaces of your vehicle, pay special attention to the paint surface, trim, glass and accents.

  • Exterior hand wash and dry.
  • Tires and wheels cleaned, incl’  dressed.
  • Windows cleaned (Exterior ONLY)
  • Three step buff and wax
  • Exterior molding, vinyl, rubber cleaned and dressed.
Additional charges for exterior details can include:
  • Heavy scratches
  • Tree pitch
  • Water spotting 
  • Truck bed canopies


You want the interior to reflect that brand new car smell and feel right? At VanCours, we pride ourselves in meticulous details to every nook and cranny of your interior surfaces, vents, and pay special attention to carpets, upholstery and leather surfaces.

This is the top tier interior detail, does a deep cleaning of the interior & comes with a complementary exterior wash:
  • All interior upholstery vacuumed and shampooed.
  • Windows cleaned inside and out.
  • Interior leather, vinyl and plastic cleaned & dressed.
  • Floor mats are steam cleaned.
Addition charges for interior can include:
  • Dog Hair
  • Heavily soiled
  • Mold
  • Water Leak damages