Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate teams up with select auto manufacturers to bring a higher level of performance than anything you’ve heard (or felt) before in a factory or dealer installed audio system.

As an industry leader in the design and manufacture of the high-end aftermarket audio products for over 25 years, we know how to build a system correctly from scratch. Rockford Fosgate will be there to provide everything a fanatic should expect from a high performance car audio system bearing our name.



Today’s Car Audio for Fanatics
Rockford Fosgate® is terrifying to those that don’t understand. Why would a person want thousands of watts of Rockford Fosgate® power in an amplifier that is bigger than most cars are wide? Because sometimes – too much is perfect!

Rockford Fosgate® is ready for the future. We incorporate some of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the audio business. Best of all, our Amplifiers, Signal Processors and Woofers are designed and engineered in Tempe, AZ, USA!

The consistent theme here is not just music or technology but the brilliant use of technology and circuit design to enjoy impactful and passionate music. A real passion for the experience of music. Obviously, Jim Fosgate is still pursuing his dream. He was awarded an Emmy® Award for his work in developing surround sound technology for television. Yeah, this guy has defined himself with music and technology.

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