Some Features


• Rear defrost activation
• Passive arming/locking
• Trunk release
• 2 way paging confirmation
• Panic / car find
• In dash blue LED for theft deterrent
• Anti-grind / starter-kill
• Shock sensor
• Battery back-up
• Ignition controlled door locks
• RPS Touch with key pass unlock


Why Buy a CompuStar Alarm?
Your vehicle is an exceptionally valuable investment. CompuStar alarms and remote starts have multiple features to help protect your investment. We also offer a GPS tracking system (Computrack) that takes vehicle protection to another level as a stand alone or upgrade to your CompuStar alarm.

Select CompuStar and CompuStar Pro systems offer 2 Way paging capability. This feature provides you with audible and visual notifications if your alarm is triggered. Some 2 Way systems will even show you which zone is triggered right on your remote up to a mile away.

All CompuStar alarm systems come with our dual stage Compushock sensor. This sensor will detect impact to your car such as a window being smashed. With CompuStar alarms you have the choice of adding dozens of additional sensors. All CompuStar alarms also come with a super bright blue LED. This LED flashes when your car is armed and locked. Our security systems also come with optional starter disable that prevents thieves from starting your car. In the event of an alarm trigger we offer a six tone siren as well as optional horn honk.

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