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What is the BedRug "lifestyle liner"? The BedRug lifestyle liner is unlike any bedliner available. The BedRug lifestyle liner is a 24/7 system that not only is as durable as any hard or spray-on liner, but it also protects your truck bed and its cargo from damage and gives you flexibility to use your truck to work all week and play all weekend. It's gentle enough to protect your big-screen TV, your wife's stained glass project or your grandmother's hope chest, but it's rugged enough to move gravel, top soil or concrete blocks with no problem.

What's the difference between a hard bedliner and the BedRug lifestyle liner? Under use, hard bedliners vibrate against the paint they're supposed to protect, actually scuffing it and ruining the paint's shiny, rich finish. The BedRug lifestyle liner, however, is backed by a non-abrasive foam, which will not abrade the paint. Your truck bed will always look as good as the day you bought it! The BedRug lifestyle liner is designed to protect your valuable cargo, like sports equipment and camping gear, too - not just your truck.

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