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FADING. Solar energy (including heat and ultra violet rays) transmitted through your glass will cause steady damage to the interior of your vehicle, home, building, or boat - until it is blocked. Even the lightest tints reduce the UV transmittance by 97% - 99%. Heat transmittance varies in accordance with how dark or reflective (mirror-like) the film is that you choose. Wood, fabrics in upholstery, carpeting and object of art (such as paintings, prints and framed photos on the walls) are very vulnerable. However, window tinting screens out virtually all of the UV rays to protect home, auto and boat interiors.

HEAT & GLARE. A dramatic reduction in heat transmitted through the glass is noticed. Reduced air conditioning needs mean reduced air conditioning costs. In hot weather, up to 79% of the sun's heat and glare are reduced. In cold weather, up to 15% heat retention can be expected. Sitting in shadier homes, vehicles and boats are indeed a blessing!

PRIVACY.The benefits of privacy in your home, vehicle, motor home, or boat's salon and bride need little explanation. It is the comfort of being in a public place, and yet obscured from prying eyes. Even the RCW legal automotive shadings will accomplish this benefit.

SECURITY. The less "on-display", the less likely the break in - whether in your car, home or boat. Further, window tinting prevents 'attacked' glass from breaking up. This requires the felon to spend some time hacking and smashing at the intact broken glass - creating a disturbance, and time for authorities to be called by neighbors.

VALUE. Window tinting adds to the value of the auto, home or boat in the event of resale.

Once the benefits of window tinting are experienced, it can be said that the happy client will never be without it! Buy another car? Gotta have it tinted! Get a bigger cruiser? You'll remember how much glare off the water was reduced before, and you will tint again. Move into a new home? You won't put up with east/south/west exposure again. Folks in the office complaining about glare on the computer screens can be greatly reduced.